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Developing our community together is our priority

We aimed at developing our community.

we take zero percent Tolerance

Our success is driven by our members / Participants. We strive to make the world a better place

THE HISTORY: Mbaise Pioneers Association Cotonou was formed in July 1985 with the name Mbaise Youth association. This association was formed by some minded group of intellectuals namely; (Late Matthew Akujo, Chief Alphonsius Iwuanyawu, Mr. Ejike Njoku, Mr. Samuel Adindu, Mr. Ignatius Onuoha, Mr. Chinonyerem B. Anyanwu and Mr. Beneth Enwerem). Their primary aim was basically to unite all Mbaise to achieve success in life, foster Love, Unity and Progress.

However, as the numerical and financial strength of this association continued to wax stronger, after eight years of its existence, we confronted a problem that disintegrated the union members. The association collapsed because of the mother union at that time called UMUNNABUIKE progressive union, that was made up of old Owerri  province which felt that if Mbaise Youth Association  would be allowed to exist, the Umunnabuike Progressive Union would fall as most of the members that were at the helm of affairs there were members of the Mbaise Youth Association. In view of that, there was a clash of interest which brought quarrel among Mbaise Youth Association.

As the years went by, some members of the Association  with determination vowed that the Umunnabuike would not continue to intimidate nor stop the existence of Mbaise Youth Association again came together and regrouped the association.

It is worthy to note that this association was active in sports activities especially football. Majority of the members then were talented footballers and as such; Mbaise Youth Association always came first in all inter-community matches that were organized by the Igbos in Cotonou.

However, the club was later commercialized and named the Beakers Football Club of Cotonou with Chief Godwin Igboayaka as the team manager. The Breakers Football Club competed favorably with many other clubs in Cotonou.

In the year 1998 Mbaise Youth Association  having gained  much popularity in Cotonou launched her first constitution  which many dignitaries here in Cotonou attended the ceremony. Among other union in Cotonou that appreciated this achievement at that time; some borrowed most of their by-law idea from us.

As a pace setter, the association planned and launched her maiden Almanac in 1990 against 1991 under the distinguished Chairmanship of Mr. Chinonyerem B. Anyanwu first of its kind in Cotonou.

Moreover, it is because of the way and manner this association organized and attended to their members’ weddings both here and at home that earned her the best association that “Leads while others follow”.

However, this association started with youths and today we have mature men. In view of that we decided to change our name to MBAISE PIONNERS ASSOCIATION COTONOU.


Financial Planning

  • Successful  planning

    The association is the triple stand that holds the cooking pot. As peace loving association. contributed immensely for the return of peace
  • Mbaise pioneers

    Mbaise  intend to replace several failed Unity program, having learned from the past we strive to correct their mistakes by accepting zero tolerance.

Founding Members


(Late Matthew Akujo, Chief Alphonsius Iwuanyawu, Mr. Ejike Njoku, Mr. Samuel Adindu, Mr. Ignatius Onuoha, Mr. Chinonyerem B. Anyanwu and Mr. Beneth


We are here to make you happy always. feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions about Mbaise pioneers. ............................................................................................

Our Mission


We strive to offer insightful guidance, on-going support to every participant to ensure Freedom of life and Conveniency

Our Vision

To excel and be distinguished by outstanding  support and placement . We treat every Member  so seriously and never ignore a single complain