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We Leads while others follow


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Developing our community together is our priority

We aimed at developing our community.

we take zero percent Tolerance

Our success is driven by our members / Participants. We strive to make the world a better place

The association is the triple stand that holds the cooking pot. As peace loving association, when Mbaise Community were in loggerhead of who to answer the name Mbaise community, it was this association that stood firm, contributed immensely for the return of peace and today the two sides, Mbaise Indomitable and Mbaise United are enjoying peace and progress.

Meanwhile, Mbaise Pioneers Association is not a social club as some people do insinuate but an association of mature citizens of Mbaise origin who have common interest for the unity, peace and progress of Mbaise in Diaspora and at home.


Today  Mbaise Sons and daughters  here in Cotonou are the happiest people because they enjoy everything in Common because of the charitable foundation laid by the Pioneers Association such as ;  Annual finaancial empowerment scheme, Annual praying and fasting programme which has indeed help to change the lives of every Mbaise  citizen   in Cotonou etc.

We will not fail to recognize the effort of our past leaders and individuals who had worked indefaticably  to  ensure that  this association stands till date, such as the likes of Late Mr. Mathew Akujo, Late Mr. Ken. Godwins (Eziaha ka ego 1 of Mbaise) Mr. Chinonyerem B. Anyanwu, Mr. Godfrey Ogueri, Late Mr. V.C Anosike, Late Mr. Tony Chilaka, Late Mr. Peter Imo, Mr. Sabby Osuji now the patron of the association, Late Mr. Longinus Eze (Eyiwe-Agba 1 of Mbaise) and Our former able President Mr. David Ogueri (Chinwata-Kwa-aku 1 of Mbaise). We pray, may God reward you abundantly and grant the dead rest in perfect paece, Amen !

As we rejoice today, this association as good ambassadors of Nigeria here in Cotonou will Keep recognizing and cherishing the dexterous qualities of our great and Dynamic Leaders in the affairs of Nigeria and Igbo Community in Cotonou, they are Hon. Chief Emmanuel Uko Elendu (the Aha Eji Eje Mba 1 of Alayi Igboji) and His Royal Majesty Eze Ebuka Onunkwo (Eze Igbo gburu gburu 1 of Benin Republic), A  Pillar of paece and unity among in Benin Republic .Mbaise Pioneers Association president Emeritus, Mr.David Ogueri, Mr. Simon C. Ekeh and most ebulliently, the incumbent president, Chief Jones Iheanacho (Udo ka Nma 1 of Mbaise). These great leaders are here in our midest today, our people use to say that « honour is worth given and deserved to whom honour is dur ». May God continue to grant you more prosperrous years, Amen !


Financial Planning

  • Successful  planning

    The association is the triple stand that holds the cooking pot. As peace loving association. contributed immensely for the return of peace
  • Mbaise pioneers

    Mbaise intend to replace several failed Unity program, having learned from the past we strive to correct their mistakes by accepting zero tolerance.

Founding Members


(Late Matthew Akujo, Chief Alphonsius Iwuanyawu, Mr. Ejike Njoku, Mr. Samuel Adindu, Mr. Ignatius Onuoha, Mr. Chinonyerem B. Anyanwu and Mr. Beneth


We are here to make you happy always. feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions about Mbaise pioneers. ............................................................................................

Our Mission


We strive to offer insightful guidance, on-going support to every participant to ensure Freedom of life and Conveniency

Our Vision

To excel and be distinguished by outstanding  support and placement . We treat every Member  so seriously and never ignore a single complain